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Hey, I know it’s hard keeping up with technical advances (even me as a digital marketer!) … so can I ask you a question?

Are you aware of the benefits that landline text messaging brings?

It’s a technology that has revolutionized communication and makes communication between your business and your customers more efficient.

If you are not using landline texting in your business today, why not?

As a business owner or manager, do you have reservations about staff texting customers from personal phones? Or maybe you have concerns that text communications will go unmonitored or disappear in the event one of your employees leaves the company without any records of the conversation history.

39% of businesses are using text messaging, in some form, to communicate with customers

The solution to all of these is landline texting. Yes, you heard correctly – sending text messages to your landline!

Using landline text messaging enables you to have real-time communication with your customers.

It allows your business, irrespective of your size, market, or industry to send or receive text messages using your email clients as a delivery vehicle. Wow!

The benefits of landline text messaging

Professionalism and increased efficiency

Texting is among the most convenient ways for you to communicate with your customers and obtain the information your business needs.

Business owners like you, however, tend to have reservations when it comes to your employees communicating with clients via text message.

And besides, your employees may not be comfortable sharing their personal cell numbers with your customers as it can intrude on their privacy.

Landline text messaging solves this problem – your employees’ privacy is protected. And they can provide better customer service when texting customers as they can share fully, knowing it’s secure.

On the efficiency side, landline text messaging allows multiple conversations to be going at once, so you and your employees can multi-task for better production.

There is also less room for error since text messages are typed and sent from a computer screen instead of a phone screen (fongers anyone?).

It is also perfect for keeping your customers happy and content. They can receive personalized services via text messages without waiting long hours for a response via phone or email.

Consistency and effectiveness

I’m sure you know it, but your business communication should be as simple as possible for your clients. When they wish to contact your company, don’t make it difficult for them.

With landline text messaging, the same number can be used for text messaging and as the direct phone line for your business.

Instead of having different numbers for the ‘text us’ and ‘call us’ options, your business can use one ‘contact us’ number for your clients to text or call. And you can use the same number on your websites, in your advertising, and on your business cards.

You have to admit, text messaging is a much more direct form of business communication, irrespective of the industry you’re in. Tagging phone calls may not be effective, and emails can often get caught up in filters.

One of the best way of getting a response from your clients in today’s business environment is through text. It encourages faster engagement while offering a seamless mode of communication for your customers whose attention is constantly on their phone.

Another plus for landline text messaging is almost everyone prefers typing short responses to short messages, instead of long replies to long emails. Bye bye to long, fluffy email chains!

Texts, unlike emails and phone calls, can be dealt with quickly and without too much involvement. They are short, aimed at conveying a message faster than in a typical email.

Landline text messages offer massive simplicity which only translates to flexibility for your business. It is such an immediate, convenient and simple channel of communication that every client out there can engage with.

My Country Doesn’t Have Landline Text Messaging

If you live in a country that is lagging in the technology stakes, never fear.

While it’s simpler of course to have a single number for texting and phone calls, the technology driving it can still be accessed to deliver the efficiency and professionalism benefits for your business.

Simply sign up for a mobile phone number that is used exclusively for texting. When connected to the back end systems that drive landline text messaging, your staff can message customers from their computer just the same way.

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